What is THAT?

June 11, 2011

I get asked that question all the time. We have a group of kettlebells sitting in our gyms and in some of our gyms, the members have absolutely no clue what they are. In two of our facilities we have CrossFit classes so those members typically have an idea what they are.

I workout in our oldest facility where we have 6 kettlebells. I have only seen maybe 5 people use them other than myself and one other athletic trainer. Everybody else just thinks they’re scary or think I’m going to hurt myself as I swing them around.

So what can you do with a kettlebell? Well, how about EVERYTHING. Swings, snatches, windmills, figure-eights, juggling, push presses, and everything else you can think of.

I have swung a kettlebell over 1,000 so far in the month of June. I expect to swing it at least another 1,500 times before the end of the month. I look at kettlebells as an excellent tool for building muscle and such a great cardiovascular workout. We like to combine kettlebell swings with other exercises such as box jumps, burpees, and other movements.

So pick that thing up and give it a swing.


3 Responses to “What is THAT?”

  1. TNT Man Says:

    My %^&*) gym has a lot of Kettlebells with a cable and lock running through them. The PTs use them and the classes. The rest of us have to get someone to unlock them, pick one or two and have them locked up again – so switching weights is a pain.

    I use the dumbbells and do swings and similar exercises. Yes – I would like the KBs but – no time to go to the front desk and wait to get them unlocked. –

    Rant over.
    TNT Man

  2. We do keep a lot of our bumper plates locked up because they were purchased specifically for CrossFit classes, but our kettlebells are all out and available. I don’t understand why more places can’t allow that stuff out in the open. Most of our gyms are open 24/7 too and the stuff doesn’t go anywhere. Maybe we’re just lucky..

  3. […] you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know how much I love my kettlebells and the TRX system. So how do I ever have time to add squats to my workouts with those other […]

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